4-Sided Fitted Table Cover

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Product Overview:

Get your graphic edge-to-edge custom printed on fitted table throw that is made to fit plastic tables. This option is 4-sided, fully covering the front, back and sides of the table. Our Fitted Table Throws fit snug around the table.

6ft Table Throw Features:

  • Display Dimension: 72" W x 29" H x 29.625" D
  • Graphic Dimensions: 131.25"W x 88"H
  • Graphic Material: Stretch Fabric
  • Graphic Finishing: Paper transfer Dye-Sub
  • Display Construction: Hemmed
  • Compatible Table Size: 6ft Table: 72" L x 30" W x 29" H

8ft Table Throw Features:

  • Display Dimension: 96" W x 29" H x 27.25" D
  • Full Graphic Dimensions: 150.5" W x 84" H
  • Graphic Material: Fabric
  • Graphic Finishing: Paper Transfer Dye - Sublimation Printing.
  • Display Construction: Edges Sewn
  • Compatible Table Size: 8ft Table: 96" L x 30" W x 29" H